How to get Free Minecraft Server Hosting

We’re currently offering Free Minecraft Server Hosting with the following server specifications:

Free Minecraft Server Hosting

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Plugin Ready
  • 23 Available Players
  • Easy & Instant Setup
  • 50Gbps network
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Unlimited Storage
  • FTB & Tekkit Support
  • High Performance SSDs
  • Free FTP/MySQL
  • Zero Lag

We only require that you complete a quick offer from our sponsors. Upon completion of the offer, you will be given a link and coupon code in order to receive Minecraft hosting 100% free for two years!

Download Below:

4 thoughts on “How to get Free Minecraft Server Hosting

  1. Jakex23

    Thanks for this, I still use this server as my main Minecraft host. Been using it for ~2 months now and it’s very good.


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