Why Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server Is a Bad Idea

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With everyone wanting their own Minecraft server, I’ve noticed people trying to come up with many different techniques on obtaining a server. Since most people want it for free, a lot of the time they will try to host the Minecraft server at home, on their own Internet connection, on a spare computer, or even the computer that they primarily use. Do not do this. It is a bad idea. There are many reasons why hosting your own Minecraft server is a bad idea, and I’m going to explain each and every one of them.

Your Internet Connection is Slow

Firstly, one of the biggest reasons why hosting your own game server is a bad idea is because your Internet connection is slow. Simply put, unless you live in a data center, your Internet connection is not able to connect with many people at once without extreme lag. Don’t believe me? Look at how fast your Internet connection is. Go to http://speedtest.net and look at what your ping, upload, and download speed are. Is your ping less than 30ms? In order to connect to other players without lag, you must have less than a 30ms ping. Further, you need a high upload speed. Most residential Internet providers don’t offer more than 15Mbps upload speed, whereas servers might need as high as 50Mbps. If your Internet isn’t super fast, you’re not going to want to run any type of game server on it, especially Minecraft.

It’s Complicated

Setting up and maintaining a server on your own computer can be very complicated! If you know what the following terms mean, then maybe not, but otherwise you should stay away from hosting your own Minecraft server.

  • Port forwarding, TCP, IP, DHCP
  • System configuration
  • Your router configuration
  • Server Management

It’s expensive!

Most people don’t realize how expensive hosting their own Minecraft Server can really be. It costs money to cool down the server with your AC, and the electricity for the server itself also can get costly when it’s running 24/7. Finally, most people don’t think about the Internet costs. Besides the fact that it will be hard to do anything on the Internet while your server is hogging the bandwidth, the Internet bill will skyrocket. Server hosting companies are able to mitigate this cost by doing things like keeping their servers in a cooled warehouse crowded with servers. They host servers professionally, so they are able to get special deals with electricity and Internet companies. Another reason why you shouldn’t host your own server.


Altogether, it can be a lot easier to have someone else host a server for you. It may be somewhat difficult to do, but there are many advantages. Hosting a server yourself seems like it won’t be much of a hassle, but in the end it will cost you more money than if you were to have it hosted for you elsewhere.

If you’re interested in getting a free server, we are currently offering a coupon for 2 free years of server hosting. For more information, read here.

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